What is...

The Oakland exhibition space for Some Thing Spacious officially closed in July 2014. We enjoyed and worked this beautiful space for nearly two years and a great many good things have come from the efforts of the artists and players involved.

This, however is not the end. Some Thing Spacious has never been a destination unto itself. So while we are no longer in our Oakland space, we are still producing shows and encouraging collaboration throughout the Bay Area and elsewhere. Look for us at the U. C. Davis galleries on January 28th for a sound and installation program to help kick off the construction of their new campus art museum. More details will follow.


We think of what we do as being more akin to travel, to create destinations. This is often described with words like sculpture or installation or performance, but the goal is to expand what people expect from these forms and to free ourselves from the constraint of definitions. Those come after the fact. Our interest is in what comes before.

Our intent is to show works that extend beyond gallery walls and beyond Oakland itself. We look for artists that somehow experiment with methods for engaging some part of the world that is not readily available to local audiences.

The space, schedule, and the initiative are intentionally plastic so that we can explore these outgoing strategies.

To do this the work must experiment with how we exist in the culture we live in and the culture we bring with us. It's not enough for people to look at something, take away a feeling, form an opinion. We want a physical experience of art; to confront it, participate in it.

We live in abstract times. In our time this sort of physical grounding couldn't be more necessary. Each new project expands the map of this territory and makes it easier for others to travel onward.